I'm a corporate leader and certified leadership coach with over 12 years of leadership experience and documented success in breaking professional records.

My style is straightforward, yet edgy. I don't hold back when it comes to supporting my clients and I love helping you break personal records and prove nay-sayers wrong. 

"Andrea's honesty as well as her genuine passion to help others succeed has helped me assess and communicate my self worth." - Dasani

"Andrea listens and understands your point without hiding what she thinks about the situation. She gives us candid and honest feedback all the time." - Yolanda

From Leading Multi-billion dollar operations to Career Acceleration Expert

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work in a wide range of settings, from international oil rigs to landing the corner office. I spent the majority of my career being a recognized leader, being ranked as top 1%, all while raising a family.

My background in Chemical Engineering and Masters in Business combined strategically with coaching certifications and behavioral assessments make for a unique recipe.  

I found my passion in working with high-performing women not only aim higher but get to the top and actually enjoy it!

"I've learned so much from Andrea the past few months. My biggest takeaway is that each and every goal I have is attainable. She's taught me that my path to success could be bumpy and may require detours but if I stay the course, learn from my mistakes, and make adjustments along the way, I can have it all. Andrea is such an inspiration to me and the passion she has for what she does is so evident." - Kat

In the process, 'Command Your Career' was born

So what have I learned through the years? I notice how ambitious hard-working women do not have the support needed to identify gaps in their plan and adjust quickly. They are finding themselves sacrificing their time because they do not see another option.

After navigating working in male-dominated fields, finding my boundaries, my voice, and positioning myself as a confident, purposeful leader, I knew that my journey was not complete simply with my career. I want to find that ambitious professional that finds themselves navigating conflict at work, striving to find balance and standing up for their worth.

I have made it my mission to support high potential professionals with real strategies to propel forward without relying on 'hard work".